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Clive is passionate about reintroducing native woodland species back into our upland landscapes. Not only will the mountain areas of Scotland be aesthetically improved, but upland tree planting will act as a vital carbon sink in our efforts to reduce climate change. These new woodland areas will also act as vital habitats for vulnerable upland animal and bird species in the face of climate change.

treeAs a qualified Mountain Leader, and experienced woodsman, Clive is offering a unique opportunity for like minded people to hike with him into remote upland areas of Scotland and plant native trees. He will work in partnership with enlightened landowners to agree locations, species, planting specifications and after care.

You will be out for a full day, so as well as planting a few trees Clive will guide you on a hike that will take in spectacular scenery, often aiming for a prominent summit.  Hiking will be strenuous with distances typically being 6 to 10 miles over steep terrain. You must be physically fit and wear full hiking footwear and clothing. A packed lunch and drinks should be brought in a day sac, which should also contain waterproof jackets and trousers, and gloves and hats (if not already worn). Remember the weather in Scotland's mountain can be 'variable'!
Through out the hike, Clive will pass on interesting facts about upland management, local flora and fauna, climate change impacts, navigation techniques and local folklore.
The price for a guided day hike including the cost of trees and use of tools is 45 per person. Minimum group size is 4 persons. Maximum group size is 10 persons. Minimum age is 12 years. All under 18's must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please contact Clive by email for details of when and where future hike and plant excursions will take place.

* Gift Vouchers are available *

Recent hikes and tree planting areas include:

- Alyth Hill. Planting native oak along mountain bike trails. Walk length 6 miles.

Community Interest Company registration number SC396287